Thursday, November 27, 2014

Callisia fragrans cure arthritis, anti-inflammatory, immune booster

Callisia fragrans, commonly known as the Basket Plant, Chain Plant or Inch Plant, is a species of the Callisia genus, in the Commelinaceae family.

Basket plant is endemic to Mexico, and naturalized in the West Indies, scattered locations in the United States, and a few other places.

Some prominent effects of Callisia fragrans:

- Callisia fragrans no analgesic effect under the CNS, not hypotension.
- Callisia fragrans very effective against chronic inflammation, analgesia and peripheral inhibition of cancer cell lines in the average level.
- Antioxidant effects.
- Strengthening the immune effects.
- Antibacterial effects, especially for the bacteria causing respiratory diseases.

There are a number of Canadian and US documents published research results of Callisia fragrans chemical composition, such as:

- Journal of Chemistry of Natural Compounds, No. 3, May 2007, published in New York, showed that US scientists have identified the neutral lipids including glycolipids, phospholipids and its fatty acid composition. It also has identified concentrations of ascorbic acid and other organic acids, chlorophyll and carotenoid pigments in the various organs of the Callisia fragrans.

- A number of scientific works in the US and Canada have announced the results of research of biologically active substances in the Callisia fragrans, including Flavonid group, Steroids, Vitamins C, B2 (riboflavin), B3 (nicotinic acid), B5 (pantothenic acid) and micronutrient such as copper, iron, nickel ... Among them, the flavonoid highest treatment. Callisia fragrans's flavonoid group including Quercetin and Kaempferol active substances. These two active substances have been found in many different species of plant, has been studied medicine in a long time.

+ Quercetin has the molecular formula is C15H10O7, molecular weight 302,236g / mol, melting point 316oC.

+ Kaempferol has the molecular formula is C15H10O6 (except Quercetin 1 molecule of oxygen), the molecular weight is 286.23 g / mol, the melting point is 276-278oC.

- According to The American Cancer Society, Quercetin is resistant to broad-spectrum disease (infection, arthritis, asthma, allergies and mucous membrane disease, heart disease, diabetes), including cancer. Kaempferol effective permeability enhancement, diuretic, is used to treat urinary tract diseases, allergies.


According to folklore, Callisia fragrans can use all the stem, leaves, roots for medicine. Just washed fresh leaves and chew, swallow from 3 to 9 leaves per day. For the fresh stem sliced, soaked in wine, after a month, seeing change to red wine as the wine is drinkable. Drink 3 cups a day before meals little as 30 minutes.

In addition, there are also other ways to use the leaves and stems dried, mixed drink water instead of tea.

Use Callisia fragrans placed next to the patient: Callisia fragrans capable of purifying polluted air in the room, releasing substances that are useful for the treatment of respiratory diseases. You should put Callisia fragrans located next to the patient's place of pneumonia or lung cancer.

Oil extraction: Get the whole Callisia fragrans presses to fetch water, the remaining residues dried. After the dry residue, broken pieces and dipped in olive oil. Then mixed and filtered through gauze, pour the oil mixture into glass jars.

Or you can use the following: Callisia fragrans cut into small pieces and place in the pot, pour vegetable oil into the pot and then put into the furnace at 40 degrees for eight hours. Then filtered through gauze, for the oil mixture into glass jars cool place. This oil is used for skin diseases or to treat arthritis, joint stiffness or pain throughout the body.


  1. There is so much more effective ways of using CF , too long to write about it here.In Russia people know ways how to make a very important self- cure ..even from the worst health issues , like tumors ..Who seeks will find it .

    1. I seek. Can you please help me know more about how to use CF?

    2. Yes, I can confirm that, dolche! I am new yorker for 30 years, but I am native russian and I recently visited my mother in Russia and by chance I spoke with my aunt about oncology issue. She gave me bunch of magazine clips about CF and I made some research on russian Internet and it blew my mind, people. It cures the most advanced cases of cancer, arthritis, skin problems, eye sight... to name a few. It originated in South America and native Indians know its properties... Whole russian villages drink this magic potion to stay healthy.
      I couldn't find even slightest adequate material in the western alternative medicine sources.
      Simple recipe: 50 "elbows" (see picture) + 500ml vodka. Let it stay in the dark room for 3 weeks. Shake from time to time.
      INTAKE: start with 10 drops, increasing each day by 1 drop - for 30 days. After that for 30 days low your dosage 1 drop a day. After 10 days break repeat. Recommendation - 3-5 cycles

    3. this is a link, don't worry that it's in russian, you'll get the picture


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  2. Can callisia Fragrans trat MS?And recepe for that Please

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